We are commited to an end of the plastic flood and a plasticfree environment.

In early 2022, we founded H2Org – a non-profit organisation that works for nature conservation, the preservation of our natural waters and access to clean water.

Our mission is to stop the littering of our environment and end the spread of microplastics in our rivers and oceans. We are committed to protecting the habitats of many marine and freshwater species and the access to clean waters.

Our vision is a plastic-free environment in which intact and clean waters can fulfil their natural and social function.

Education is the key

No behavioural change without education. With our interactive education programme, we reach people in an unconventional way and show what each individual can do against the plastic flood – to protect ourselves and our environment.

Our environmental education programmes and campaigns aim to make people aware of the importance of intact and clean waters. The formation and dangers of microplastics are our focus here. Only if we become aware of the importance of a plastic-free nature and the dangers of microplastics, we can achieve behavioural changes and influence political decisions.

There is nothing good, unless you do it.

Too much plastic is already in our environment. In large cleanup campaigns, we collect plastic along rivers to dispose of it afterwards. With the cleanups, we prevent more and more plastic from entering the rivers and being ground into microplastics that are then washed into our oceans. Once broken down into small particles, the plastic is lost forever and a great danger for humans and animals.

New methods make it possible to purify water with recycled microplastics. We promote such and other research projects and support students in their research work – for new and sustainable methods.

Support our work now!

We continuously implement conservation projects, campaigns and educational programmes. Our projects are financed by donations and grants, the income from the use of our educational programmes and with the support of sponsors.

Support us now with a donation – so that we can continue to campaign for clean and natural waters and a plastic-free environment!

As a non-profit organisation, we can issue a donation receipt, which you can claim for tax purposes as a private person or as a company. Just send us a short message!

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Mario Kümmel

Project management
Mario Kümmel holds an MA in Nonprofit Management and has over ten years of experience in building and leading nonprofit organisations. He has led numerous international campaigns as well as conservation and environmental education projects. The focus is increasingly on the pollution of our environment by macro- and microplastics as well as water protection.

Andres Fath

Executive board
Andreas Fath is Professor of Chemistry at Furtwangen University. In the context of his research on microplastics, he publishes numerous articles in journals and textbooks. He swam the Rhine, the Tennessee River and the Danube to draw attention to their pollution by microplastics and to the importance of water protection.

Benjamin Heberling

Supervision of educational programmes
Benjamin Heberling has an MA in economic geography. In addition to his previous activities in the Hamburg refugee aid and in IT education, he has been active in environmental protection on a voluntary basis for many years. He came to H2Org through the cleandanube project and has since been responsible for the educational programmes in the field of environmental protection, water protection and microplastics.